Honda Extreme Powerhouse Round 5 and 6 Tech Bulletin


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First and Foremost, Special thanks to our sponsors for this round:

Honda Extreme Power House!

Support Local, because THEY SUPPORT US!


Please sign the once a year Rad Torque waiver as well

-Airfence and required equipment is being set up Rad Torque Raceway Wednesday August 31 at 7:00pm. If you can make it, please contact Joe Preston so he knows you are coming to help set up.

-Track tear down will begin immediately after the race weekend.

-Parking will begin after the air fence is set up. At no time may you park sooner, you will be asked to leave. Air fence volunteers will get first dibs on parking spots for the weekend.

-Large trailer parking is reserved for toy haulers, camper and RV units.

-If you park somewhere you shouldn't you will be asked once to move, then asked to leave. We have VERY limited parking available. Overnight camping is allowed, trailers only no tents. Please see the map below.

-Registration closes at 11:59pm August 31. Anyone trying to register after that will be charged an additional $50 late fee.

-The EMRA has MotorsportReg for registration, MyLaps for timing & gridding, and RaceHero for live timing.

-Tech will be Friday Morning in the pits at the tech line up, see map, as time permits. Saturday, and Sunday morning starting approx 7AM. Cones will be setup near the sponsor display/podium. Please make an orderly line. If a bike is sitting in the tech lineup with no rider or gear, we will pass over the bike. Please remove lowers for easy inspection.

Transponders are available at Rodrigo Naranjo’s tent, and medical data carriers will be available with Jordy Babouchie. Transponders rentals are $50 per weekend, MDCs are $5 each to purchase. This year the medical data carrier are bright orange in color, make sure you have a bright orange MDC.


-Track must remain clean, garbage cans and recycle cans will be placed around the pits, please be a polite user dispose of your own garbage and keep the pit area clean. Do not leave tires, fuel tins, broken tents.

-Rad Torque Raceway we use 1 warm up lap.

-Formula112 cutoff time is now 1:27.7sec.

-Vass Performance Superpole: In the last rotation of qualifying, the final session (for the group of fastest riders) shall be divied into Q1 and Q2: Superpole session. Q1 is for the fastest group of riders who do not qualify for Q2 Superpole. Riders in Q1 may not participate in Q2 Superpole. Q2 Superpole participation is limited to the 10 riders with the fastest lap times of the day. Each Q2 Superpole participant must also register for Dash for Cash and at least one Superbike race. Prize payout for Q2 Superpole will be supplied by Vass Performance Cycle.

On SUNDAY ONLY, there will a slight change for podiums, we will doing Expert Superbike race podium, then podiums based on championships with champagne to congratulate to seasons winners of the 600Superbike, Superbike, and Lightweight Superbike races only.

Exp Superbike RACE
Exp Superbike Championship Podium
Exp 600 Superbike Championship Podium
Int Superbike Championship Podium
Int 600 Superbike Championship Podium
Lightweight Superbike Championship Podium

If any of these changes are a surprise to you, please read the rule book. Here is a link:

Below are the daily schedules:
Screen Shot 2022-08-30 at 7.31.55 PM.png

Screen Shot 2022-08-30 at 7.32.15 PM.png


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EMRA Racers!
Your registrar will not be at the track Friday morning to check your waivers and give you wristbands.
Please check in with our gate volunteer to show proof of /or sign the waiver and get your wristband for the weekend (aka - do not take it off all weekend)