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Hello Everyone

This year Michelin is offering a new promotion with there new line of slicks and DOT's called the EVO power cup challenge. The way it works is upon signing up for the promotion you will receive a free front tire with the purchase of two rear tires. After you have taken advantage of this first promotion Michelin will offer 1 free front tire with any purchase of 5 race tires after that. If you are interested in taking part in this, let me know and I will send you the paperwork to fill out.
Thanks and looking forward to another great season!


Hey Max, I could be interested in this, is there a deadline to take advantage of this deal or could I wait until the season actually starts?



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Sounds cool, what's the scoop on the new tires?
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Hey Shane the promotion ends July 1rst so waiting till first round shouldn't be an issue. Text me your email and I can send you the paperwork. My number is 780 818 3529