Nationals - Who's interested


Hi fellow EMRA racers, as most/almost everyone knows by now, Castrol does not have Nationals coming here in 2016.

Just thought we could start a thread and see how much interest there is in getting a group of racers together interested in doing Mosport on Aug 19-21. It's still a while away, but something like this would need some planning.

Please reply and lets see how much interest there is and what can be put together for cost savings. Any ideas welcomed!




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I will be there for sure that weekend. Weather I'll be racing or not I'm still on the fence. I have a wedding to attend 30min away on the 19th so still on the fence but defiantly would consider it if there is a group of guys going.

Flights if you book them now are aroun $530 last time I checked.


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I know that Trevor and I have chatted, and we are basically curious if anyone is driving out with Trailer that possibly will take more then one bike, we would like to get a group together to split the costs of the driving out.

This is a great idea to cost split, and have some more western guys out east that can help each other out. i am also working on a trailer that we maybe able to use.

Any one even remotely thinking of going out say something now so we can get a idea of who is interested ish...