Ride share for race events and accommodations


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Hello everyone
So I will be providing a direct connection for all Calgary or out of town people needing any info on Edmonton or anything I can do to help make your racing easier.
Please feel free to contact me
[email protected]

Ride share
We are setting up a ride share program for people willing or have room for an extra person or bike and also people looking for rides I will be able to connect the the two individuals together.

If you are able to provide a ride or transport for a bike please let me know and contact me let me know and I will put you into a list

If you need a ride please let me know if you need a ride and I will put you into the list

send me an email with all your info

I have been looking into this for some time now and I have been trying to find cheap rates for hotel and or accommodations with no luck and still working on it. the issue I have been have coming across is they want set number of rooms pre booked and set dates and unfortunately we can't do that's.
So the best thing I can provide for accommodations is the following

On track.
Either in a camper trailer or motor home
Camping in your pits has be done before
Air mattress in your trailer

Off site camp grounds
Rainbow valley camp grounds http://www.rainbow-valley.com

Hotels (this list can get big so I'll mention just a couple)
Airways Country Inn (closest place to the track) http://airwaysinn.ca

Executive Royal Hotel in leduc http://www.executivehotels.net/edmontonairportleduchotel/s_leduc_home.cgi

Western budget motel in leduc http://www.westernbudgetmotel.com

Sandman signature south Edmonton off ellerslie road and gateway http://sandmansignature.com/edmontonsouthlocation.html

Derrick motel gateway and whitmud http://www.derrickmotel.com

Sawridge hotel gateway and whitmud http://sawridge.com

Those are a few, please keep in mind there are so many in the area I tried to give a variety and of different area to suit everyone's taste

I hope this helps out and let me know if there is anything I can do either reply to the post or send me an email

Hope to see you all out at the track.