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Hi Everyone; If you are planning on racing at EMRA, (Castrol Raceway in Edmonton), in 2018 or at AMA - MotoAmerica events in the USA in 2018 you will need to equip your bikes with a Shark Fin Style Toe Guard just below the Swing Arm and just in front of the Rear Sprocket to keep your appendages from getting caught between the Rear Sprocket and the Chain.

You will also a need to have Brake Lever Guard mounted on your bikes.

I have a very good stock of Both of these Parts, Made in the USA, Woodcraft Products, and I also have a very good stock of the Woodcraft Bar End Sliders with the CNC Machined Mounts to Install the Brake Lever Guards onto your Clip On Bars here in stock as well.

From Now until Monday December 4th, 2017, Any members who order the Woodcraft Right Hand Sider Lever Guard from me will receive a Free Left Hand Side Lever Guard as an incentive to encourage everyone to get these parts ordered early.

I also carry the Replacement Bar End Slider Pucks here with me and Replacement Ends for the Lever Guards, Just in Case of an unplanned mishap;

Email me Directly at [email protected] and I will get you looked after right away. These are All Excellent Parts that will serve you well.


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Just wanted to say thanks to Blair for the great pricing on these parts and for the awesome customer service!