Woodcraft Shark Fin Toe Guards, Brake Guards, Engine Covers


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I have a new batch of the Woodcraft Shark Fin Toe Guards and the Woodcraft Brake Guards here in stock and ready to ship to you today.

These are Mandatory for 2016 at EMRA and many other tracks and organizations; I ship these parts to EMRA members in Canadian $ to help you out.

I also have the Woodcraft Engine Covers Required for your bikes.

All of these are Mandatory Items at EMRA.

Contact me Directly by Email at [email protected] and I will get you looked after at the best possible price With Shipping to your door in Canadian $ to help you out.

Remember; I am a Full Line Woodcraft Dealer and can ship you any Woodcraft Products; Including Frame Slider Sets for your bike or the Replacement Puck which I keep in stock here.

Woodcraft Klucky Puck Knee Sliders, Engine Covers and Guards, Brake Lever or Clutch Side Guards.

Woodcraft Bar End Sliders with built in extensions to accommodate Brake and Clutch Lever Guards, as well as Woodcraft Clip On Bar Sets and Replacement Clip On Bars

Anyone needing Woodcraft Shark Fin Toe Guards to meet the EMRA Club and Tech Requirements for any AMA events you attend can Email me anytime at [email protected] and I will get them shipped to your door,

Canadian $ for the Shark Fin with your choice of Silver or Black Anodized Finish Colors. In stock now and ready to ship to your door.


These are easy to install and come with all the parts you need to fix them to the bottom of your Swing Arm in front of the rear sprocket.


These are Excellent Parts that will serve you well,

Enjoy the ride, and best regards,
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