2022 Annual General Meeting


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EMRA Annual General Meeting.
December 3 - 1pm.
Strathcona Branch Edmonton Public Library
8331 104 Street Edmonton, AB T6E 4E9
Attendees must be current EMRA members to vote.

We will be reviewing our season, club financials, registration stats, as well as voting for rule changes and electing our 2023 Executive. If you want to get involved with the club this is the best way to do it!


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AGM is tomorrow! Are you coming? (if so - have you registered?... http://msreg.com/EMRA-AGM-2022)

Check out the forum for the current rule change proposals: https://www.emra.ca/forums/index.php?threads/2023-rule-change-discussion.5265/

Meeting Details:
  • When: December 3, 2022
  • Start time: 1pm
  • Where: 8331 - 104 Street, Meeting Room in Strathcona Branch of Edmonton Public Library
  • Details:
    • Snacks will be served (so please RSVP so we have an accurate headcount for the food order)
  • Meeting Discussion Items:
    • President's Report
    • Vice President's Report
    • Treasurer's Report
    • Registrar's Report
    • Bylaws Review
    • Rule Changes Discussion & Voting
    • 2022 Executive Nominations & Voting
***Please do not show up too much earlier than 1pm as there may be another group using the room until our booking time***