OTP schools class and tire packages


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OTP will be carrying the Dunlop Q3 this year for all of our students with the support from our sponsor EMPIRE TYRES. With this rebate your tire prices are as follows:

180 sets are 285.00 (with the rebate)
190 sets are 300.00 (with rebate)

We will also carry the Dunlop GPA. The 190/60 rear tires are developed to work with both the 600cc and 1000cc machines. These make the best all round trackday tire and so we will be doing all of our package deals for classes and tires with them.

OTP Level 1 and 2 classes plus a set of tires $685.00
OTP skill builder classes plus a set of tires $575.00

Time to get some new rubber for the 2015 season!




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Will you be bringing in any rain tires? They would be going on a set of rims that currently have 200/60/17, and a 120/70/17 rubber on them. I just don't know the width of the rear rim..... I'm assuming a 5.5"? Is it stamped into the rim, I may have just missed it when I looked.