WCC Transponder rentals


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Just to let all visiting riders know that you should be reserving your transponder rental with MSpeed Performance prior to coming out to Mission. There is a *very* limited number of rentals in the pool, and once they are gone, they are gone. Transponder sharing will not be an option with our new system.

If you already possess an AMB transponder, then you are good to go.

MSpeed Performance can be contacted at 604-294-3354, or through email at [email protected]

So far, he only has 1 reservation from Colin.

Manual scoring without a transponder is not really an option with the WMRC due to our limited race day staff. Please make sure you are ready for the WCC. We'd hate to turn anyone away because transponders were not reserved ahead of time.


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Thank you for posting this dean. Scott and I are borrowing one and I am sure that the few that are available will quickly be reserved.

Look forward to seeing the WMRC crew soon.